Tyga’s New Girlfriend, Jordan Ozuna And His Ex, Kylie Jenner Battle For “The Sexiest” In Bare Butt Pictures.

Tyga’s New Girlfriend, Jordan Ozuna And His Ex, Kylie Jenner Battle For “The Sexiest” In Bare Butt Pictures.


Well, it’s safe to say Tyga has a spec. His new girlfriend, Jordan Ozuna looks are not so far from Kylie’s; the exotic looks, the big lips, and other factors makes the comparisons between Jordan and Kylie much easier. Kylie Jenner recently posted a picture and as usual, she is showing off her bum… but this time there may be a deeper meaning behind this bum revealing pic. The curvy star put up a shot of herself in a thong just days after her ex Tyga’s new GF, Jordan Ozuna, posted her own booty pic.

Jordan Ozuna
The 19 year old Keeping up with the Kardashians star has some very nice curves, to be sure — but Jordan Ozuna, is no slouch in the bum department either! Jordan, who is now dating Kylie’s 27-year-old ex Tyga, posted a pic of herself, where she showed off her bare butt in Mexico on Instagram earlier this week. Although Kylie Jenner is now happily dating Travis Scott, 25, we think she might be jealous of Tyga’s hot new beau. Kylie took to Instagram on May 10 to post a similar picture, the 19 year old lip kit mogul showed off her own luscious behind wearing nothing but a a thong. Though Kylie’s photo was tamer than Jordan’s (who had LITERALLY been naked in her shot) it definitely got fans riled up, including Travis who happily liked the photo.

Kylie Jenner in thong
Both ladies look absolutely gorgeous in their butt shots, but we just can’t tell who the hottest is! We definitely love Kylie’s look, because she just has one of the most perfectly sculpted bodies, but Jordan’s pic is so sensual too. We also can’t dispute the fact that both of them are stunning! However, we wonder what their motives are for posting the highly seductive pictures – was Jordan trying to show off how much hotter she think she is than Kylie? Was Kylie trying to fire back and show Tyga what he’s been missing? Your guess is as good as ours!
Just so you know, Tyga’s new girlfriend – Jordan – is not new to dating stars, she already dated some big names in show biz, like Justin Bieber (following his split from Selena Gomez in 2014). Her Instagram and Twitter are private, but she’s not too picky about giving people a look into her social media life – she has 142,000 followers on the ‘gram already. Check out more pictures of the hottie.

Jordan Selfie

Jordan. O

Who do you think is hotter/prettier, Kylie or Jordan? Buzz off in the comment box below!