Russell Simons Picks Tv Series “Power” Over “Empire”.

Russell Simons Picks Tv Series “Power” Over “Empire”.

A new season of power is on, and new episodes have been airing and everyone is loving it! Music mogul Russell Simmons can’t deny greatness. The hip-hop executive has saluted the overwhelming popular “Power”Starz series and called it the best thing on TV. As we all know, “Power” and “Empire” are rivalry two Black Tv Series, and everyone has been picking which they feel is the best… and for obvious reasons, Russel’s statement won’t go down well with die hard fans of “Empire”.
Last weekend, the music boss took to Instagram to shout-out 50 Cent‘s must-watch show.

Over the past few days, hip-hop artists from Dave East to Fat Joehave flexed their “Power” support. 

Also, last weekend, 50 Cent has gone “Power” crazy with tons of IG posts. We are excited!

Which Tv series is more interesting, Power or Empire?