New Couple, T.I And Bernice Burgos Fight Over Kids.

New Couple, T.I And Bernice Burgos Fight Over Kids.

T.I. already and his soon-to-be-ex-wife Tiny have 6 kids together, little wonder he doesn’t plan on having more! But his mistress and possibly next wife, Bernice Burgos wishes to have at least a kid with the super star rapper, and this issue is causing a rift between the new couple. This is coming as the couple’s first major dispute as T.I., 36, appears to be rigid with his decision, whilst his new love Bernice Burgos, 37 (who already has two daughters) wants more kids! According to reports “The last thing TIP wants is to fight with his gorgeous Bernice, But it’s happening because she told him she’d eventually want to have his baby but he told her, emphatically, he’s doesn’t want more kids! Six is enough.”

T.I and Bernice

“TIP would much rather enjoy this time spoiling Bernice and traveling around the world with her as opposed to changing yet another baby’s diaper, Bernice’s mouth, heart and entire soul dropped when he told her that because she feels like T.I.’s getting everything he wants out of the relationship and knowing that he’s not willing to give her what she wants down the road doesn’t sit well with her.” That’s totally fair! Bernice deserves to have a baby if she wants, and at 37 she really can’t wait much longer.
“TIP wants to make her happy in every way but having another child is something he never gave thought to and really doesn’t want,” said the insider. “But he does care about Bernice and doesn’t want to lose her. She’s really good at convincing him to give her what she wants but a child is something TIP really, really doesn’t want to have or even talk about.”
However T.I is head over heels in love with the curvy model, and his estranged wife, Tiny Harris, 41, would have to brace herself as she won’t like what her husband – if she still even calls him that – has up his sleeves. T.I., 36, is crazy about his front and center piece Bernice Burgos, 37! T.I.’s thinks she’s absolutely gorgeous and is no longer afraid to be seen out and in public with her and is planning to take their relationship to the next level. New reports claims that T.I. wants to take his lovely girlfriend on a vacation along with his children so that they can all know one another and form a “bond” together.
“TIP’s really into Bernice. Like, she’s his number one. He low-key loves her and wants her to be a big part of his life which is why he’s contemplating taking her and his children on a family vacation when he’s done with his tour, The four of them are the most important people in his life and he thinks it’s about time Bernice really got to know his children since he plans on being with her for the long haul!

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