Kemi Olunloyo Claps Back At Popular Video Vixen, Venita Akpofure.

Nigerian foremost controversy stirrer, Kemi Olunloyo threw shades at Venita Akpofure for opposing her views on Pretty Mike’s dog leashed models.

Here is what Venita wrote about Kemi:

“When your age doesn’t define your level of intellect, self worth or maturity . THIS OLD BAT ACTUALLY WAS TRYING TO FAMZ ….MR MIKE. REQUESTING HE DM HER HIS NUMBER 🤔🤔🤔🤔 SO HE CAN INVITE HER TO LAGOS FOR CLUB NITE ( PLEASE NOTE THE LADY IS BETWEEN 40-50 I BELIEVE , her mates are babysitting their grandkids) THAT THE CLUB WILL BE PACKED (for her presence I assume 😂😂😂😂😂😂) soooooo I commented “WHY DONT U BUY YOUR OWN TICKET AND COME AND ASK HIM TO PUT U ON A LEASH” and this was her response…..then she blocked me #WEAKTOAD #. I guess being an “international journalist” who “made Kanye west and Drake” doesn’t pay much or maybe so many years past she forgot to “make” herself.”

And here is Kemi’s counter-attack:

“Venita Akpofure is not a society role model. A video vixen displays their body parts for money like prostitutes

“Venita Akpofure has no career in #Nollywood even calls herself aspiring actress. She is tainted with music industry SEMEN!

“Venita Akpofure has fuckd everyone in the music biz from A-Z. Most prominent sex partner @iam_Davido who will never deny it

“Venita Akpofure has been unblocked from my IG page. Why is she scared to come confront me? Only wants #PrettyMike down

“Venita Akpofure calling my name “Kempi Olumibalumo” clearly explains the dumb mind of a video whore #VeneraldiseaseVenita

“Is Venita educated? She calls my journalism degree an “alleged profession”. Tell her I’m a pharmacist and PR Specialist too

“7yo nephew asked me what a video vixen was? I told him music video prostitutes with no use to society. Tell ur kids Venita

“Venita says I should be babysitting my grandkids. I have NONE! She should be babysitting her kids from watching PG 🎼🎧 vids

“Venita should lay off #PrettyMike now following me on IG. Leave the club alone cos no stripper contract is coming her way

“Video vixens are not society’s role models. Feminism has never been in Venita’s radar, a fake feminista craving attention.”

Just incase you haven’t figured, Preety Mike is the owner of the popular Club Uno. He recently stepped out with ladies on dog leash, and this has stirred up a major controversy.