Explosion At Ariana Grande’s Concert In Manchester Kills 22 People, Leaves Hundreds injured. (Video)

Explosion At Ariana Grande’s Concert In Manchester Kills 22 People, Leaves Hundreds injured. (Video)

So sad… Ariana Grande‘s May 22 concert was rocked by an alleged “explosion” leaving about 22 fans dead – 10 of whom were reportedly minors – in Manchester England on May 22. This disaster remains a mystery as no one is certain about what caused the explosion, but a newly released video shows the actual event as it happened inside Manchester Arena. However, Ariana’s publicist has confirmed that she’s “O.K.,” The local police says that at least 100 fans were also injured during this horrific event. Many parents are complete state of despair and are desperately looking for their kids at the scene and several are turning to social media to try find answers. Reports states that the Police suspect that a suicide bomber is behind the act and that it’s possible some fans were killed, while others stampeded over them during their escape. The incident is still being investigated.

Ariana's Concert Explosion victim

Ariana's Concert explosion victims

CNN says “Police suspect the explosion may have been caused by a suicide bomber and that it took place just outside the stadium, in a public area. Police reportedly blew up a suspected second device, which turned out to be clothing. It’s being treated as a terrorist situation, since the bomber was reportedly waiting by the exit as people tried to run out of the building”. Latest reports according to TMZ, further says that Ariana later suspended her world tour in the wake of the tragedy. TMZ also claims Ariana’s in “hysterics.” At this time, it’s unclear whether she’ll perform in London on May 26 — her next scheduled concert — but right now, “she’s in no condition to perform.” Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who attended Ariana Grande’s concert on May 22. Ariana however, took to Twitter to pour out her heart.

Ariana Twitter

Another video has surfaced showing what appears the be the explosion. Ariana had just left the stage when a nail bomb exploded near the front door. A man, who was outside Manchester Arena, during the incident, has posted a video in which you can “see the explosion and hear the bang” … “If you look towards the left you see the explosion and hear the bang. I hope to GOD everyone is ok, and so glad Jess and Em are. #manchester,” Twitter user Joe Gregory wrote, when he posted the video seen above on May 22. Another video from inside the arena also recently surfaced, and while watching you can hear the bang before the crowd starts panicking. People connected with the show told TMZ they “heard what sounded like an explosion in the rotunda area where merchandise is sold — in the venue but outside the seating area. There was an immediate stampede for the exits”.

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